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  • Religious obligation on the capable Muslims at least once in a life time.
  • The 5th pillar of Islam.
  • General Requirement: pilgrim must be free, mature and capable Muslim.
  • Major requirement for Hajj: Physical and mental capability.
  • Financial ability.

According to WHO: “State of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. HEALTH ASPECT OF HAJJDiscussion will focus on the following:

  1. Personal and Community Health
  2. Special Health Needs of the Pilgrim
Why this?
Certain personal health behavior and habits may have significant effects on the health of other individuals and community at large. This becomes important during Hajj(pilgrimage) because millions of people from different parts of the world will be participating.
International Health
Under the international Health, international travelers must maintain certain health standards and must show proof of this. Pilgrims are international travelers and must comply with these standards.
The following are therefore compulsory.
  • Small pox(no longer a requirement)
  • Yellow Fever
  • Cholera
  • Meningitis
  • Others
  Significance of immunization (vaccination)
  i. Personal:
  • It protects you
  • Protects other-reduces risk of transmission of diseases
  ii. Community
  • Community protection
  • Reduction of level of transmission of specific diseases with predilection for specific regions or areas; e.g. Meningtis, cholera (specific strains), influenza, etc.
B. Disclosure of Information about diseases:
i. Pre-existing illness
Individuals may suffer from chronic non-infectious diseases. These diseases may flare-up in the course of Hajj especially if treatment is suspended or discontinued.
Some of this include:
    a. Hypertension
b. Diabetes Mellitus
c. Bronchial Asthma
d. Sickle Cell Anaemia
e. Arthragial/Arthritis
  ii. Clinical problems affecting Women
(A) Menstrual Circle
- A natural Phenomenon – allow natural events to take its course.
- No intervention necessary- indeed intervention may provoke problems.
- Religious implication of menstruation and its effect on some rights in the course of Hajj-seek assistance of Islamic scholars accompanying pilgrims.
(B) Pregnancy
  Problems of non-disclosure include
  Live Births-immigration problems. The new born will require passport to leave Saudi Arabia and Visa to enter Nigeria. To avoid these problems, pregnant women are strongly advised against going to Hajj.
  Abortions/Miscarriages: physical stress on hajj may predispose pregnant Pilgrims to abortion thus putting her life at risk.
Emphasis is placed on the need for the pilgrim to remain in good state health at all time. The following location serve as examples:
(1) Home
Emotional detachment from home is required. Needs of the family members remaining at home should be adequately cater for.
(2) Hajj Camp
  In case of prolonged stay,
  • Ensure adequate rest and sleep.
  • Good feeding
  • Avoid insects bites e.g mosquitoes.
(3) Air Craft
  • Settle down and avoid fear
  • Ask questions if in need of anything especially the need to ease oneself.
(4) Arrival in Jeddah
  • Remain calm and be in company of fellow pilgrims.
  • Have passport and yellow card ready
  • Seek for assistance when unsure of what to do.
(5) Makkah
  General everybody becomes a resident here. However, because of climate differences and exposure to an unusually large number of people(pilgrims) from all over the world.
Thus the following specific health problems may arise:

a. Exposure to sun and heat, and cold at night. Remember, Saudi Arabia is geographically in a desert.
b. Affliction with viral infections- cough, sore throat, catarrh, etc, different strains of these is circulated by pilgrims coming from different part of the world.

  Suggested solutions
  • Ensure protection against sun by way of use of umbrella.
    take adequate fluids- water, minerals, juice etc.
  • To avoid excessive loss of body fluids which may cause dehydration
  • Ensure regular and adequate feeding.
(6) Mina
  • Biggest problem is tent environment with conflicting interest of occupants. If you are uncomfortable with A/C level, try to keep warm.
  • At the time of Aadhiya, be cautious with meat consumption.
  • In all cases eat only well cooked meat. Do not store meat because you can not guarantee proper preservation.
(7) Arafat
  Do not attempt to climb mount ARAFAT, you are only required to stay in the vicinity.
Again the problem is weather related. Avoid excessive exposure to heat and sun.
  • use umbrella
  • take a lot of fluids
  • General body pains arising from exercising in the course of observance of religious right-Tawaf Sa’i
  • Headaches
  • fevers
  • upper respiratory inflections-running and stuffy nose, sore throat and cough.
  • exacerbation of pre-existing medical problems; asthma, sickle cell crises, diabetes and hypertension or stroke.
To address these and other health problems, the following facilities are almost always available.
1. Nigeria Medical Missions:
  (a) Federal
(b) State
2. Saudi Health services-
  Stationary and Ambulatory services are available, every pilgrim should be aware of this and seek for assistance appropriately if the needs arises.



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