Summary of the proceedings of the National Industrial Court (NIC), Lagos at its last sitting on the 16th February, 2016 on the Igbobi Nurse Hijab Case. 

  1. Application that the NIC court lacks jurisdiction over the case, was dismissed 
  2. Application to direct the prosecution to NOH rather than to the Individual agents involved, was also dismissed 

NOH to pay a fine of 200k for waste of precious time 

Court adjourns to hear the substantive case on 26th May, 2016. 

The Issues for determination at the trial shall be:

Whether the provisions of the Orthopaedic Hospital Management Board Act which empowers the Hospital to prescribe the dress code for Nurses is Superior to the provisions of the Nursing and Midwifery Council Act which also permits the Nursing Council to prescribe the dress code for Nurses. Both Laws are Federal Laws.

Whether there is in existence any written policy by Igbobi Hospital prescribing a dress code for Nurses and whether Female Muslim nurses can rely upon the Circular issued by the Nursing and midwifery Council as authority for using the Hijab as part of their Uniform.

Whether  the refusal by the Claimants of the 1st to 5th Defendants' instruction to remove their Hijab whilst at work is a refusal of a lawful directive qualifying as an act of insubordination.

So join us on the 26th May, 2016 by 9am at the Court II of the National Industrial, Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi to support our  sisters morally.

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Welcome to the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter websites. I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our website and hope that you will find much to enjoy and reflect on whilst you browse through and have an opportunity of visiting our heritage sites as altogether we promote culture tourism. Our mission is to promote better understanding and appreciation of health care within the framework of Islam. Our web site provides an additional avenue for our brothers and sisters; Muslim medical practitioners and paramedical researchers to access rich volume records which represent "our common heritage and have insight into the molding of an all rounded ideal Muslim personalities".

As for those who are not, I am sure you may be surprised to learn that, although, the founding fathers of this association were largely from the southern part of the country; more or less. Ironically today, IMAN is far more popular, far more generally embraced in the north so much so that the association now has embark on a deliberate drive of generating membership from the southern part of the country!

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