As-Salam Alaykum Waramotullahi Wabarakatuh. As at close of business on the deadline given to us for payment for the Land allocated to us by the Lagos State Government, I wish to inform you that we were able to realize approximately N1.6million Naira.

This amount includes firm promises from reliable individuals. Meanwhile, we have approached the State Government to graciously grant us an extension of time to be able to leverage on what we have been able to raise to source for the balance.

Towards this end, we have opened discussion with LOTUS CAPITAL for necessary guidance and support in achieving our goal. It is our firm belief that we would be able to achieve our aim. May Allah make it possible for us. To all you good people who have contributed to this project, we say Jazakhum lah Khairan.

May Allah bless you abundantly.

I promise to keep you updated on progress made as we go along.

Ma Salaam

Dr. A.G. Olusola Labinjo.


Welcome to the Official Website of IMAN Lagos State Chapter

Welcome to the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter websites. I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our website and hope that you will find much to enjoy and reflect on whilst you browse through and have an opportunity of visiting our heritage sites as altogether we promote culture tourism. Our mission is to promote better understanding and appreciation of health care within the framework of Islam. Our web site provides an additional avenue for our brothers and sisters; Muslim medical practitioners and paramedical researchers to access rich volume records which represent "our common heritage and have insight into the molding of an all rounded ideal Muslim personalities".

As for those who are not, I am sure you may be surprised to learn that, although, the founding fathers of this association were largely from the southern part of the country; more or less. Ironically today, IMAN is far more popular, far more generally embraced in the north so much so that the association now has embark on a deliberate drive of generating membership from the southern part of the country!

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