In a world filled with sorrow and uncertainties, the loss of someone or something close to you can be a devastating experience causing you to start grieving. Grief is a natural reaction to death, divorce, illness or any kind of significant loss and is an intricate part of life. When you lose someone or something close such as a significant other, you may begin to feel sorrow, confusion, shock, anger, guilt and other mixed emotions.

Although these emotions may feel uncomfortable, they are the normal reaction to loss. By accepting these feelings and allowing yourself to feel what you feel, the grieving process will begin to heal. In some, grief may last for months or even years while others may experience grief for a much shorter period of time. The time factor for grieving depends on many criteria such as coping, culture, health, family, age and even how significant to loss was. There are no right or wrong ways to grieve but there are healthy ways to cope with pain.

The first step in the grieving process is to accept the loss. The second step is to work through and feel the physical and emotional pain of grief. Thirdly, you must be able to adjust to living in a world without that special thing or special someone. Finally, you must have the capability to move on with your life. Only when you are able to complete these four steps will you be able to end the grieving process.

It is also important to note that memories of your loss may remain for many years or even throughout your lifetime. You may even feel pain as you have memories of that special someone or special thing you have lost. It is important to allow yourself to have these feelings because this is the normal part of grieving and healing. Also, an important factor in the healing process is to learn to cherish a memory without letting those memories control you. The grieving process must be respected and requires time. If grief goes unresolved it can lead to depression or other mental health problems.

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Welcome to the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter websites. I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our website and hope that you will find much to enjoy and reflect on whilst you browse through and have an opportunity of visiting our heritage sites as altogether we promote culture tourism. Our mission is to promote better understanding and appreciation of health care within the framework of Islam. Our web site provides an additional avenue for our brothers and sisters; Muslim medical practitioners and paramedical researchers to access rich volume records which represent "our common heritage and have insight into the molding of an all rounded ideal Muslim personalities".

As for those who are not, I am sure you may be surprised to learn that, although, the founding fathers of this association were largely from the southern part of the country; more or less. Ironically today, IMAN is far more popular, far more generally embraced in the north so much so that the association now has embark on a deliberate drive of generating membership from the southern part of the country!

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