His Excellency,
Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola,
Governor of Lagos State, Your Excellency, 


The Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria, Lagos State branch notes with great concern the recent development at Ikoyi Muslim Cemetry (behind FRCN). We are also reliably informed that a similar exercise is taking place at the Okesuna Muslim Cemetry.

There has been surreptitious exhumation of bodies in these cemeteries in order to make way for the firming out of the parcels of land so recovered to private concerns as Private Cemetries. Apart from the unfairness of these actions, they also smirk of immorality and height of insensitivity. We became aware of this development through our members who had bodies of their beloved departed ones exhumed and who only discovered such horrific desecration during routine visits to such grave. 

We, as an Islamic association consider ourselves as stakeholders and take very strong exceptions to these reckless acts of disrespect for the dead. We condemn this action in strongest of terms. We are also aware that the Lagos State Muslim Community is very unhappy with this action and people have expressed various degree of disbelief, anger and horror. It is our view that this action is capable of provoking extreme emotional backlash/reaction from the Muslim Ummah if urgent steps are not taken to stop this obnoxious exercise forthwith. Lagos State has enjoyed exceptional religious harmony and people of all faiths have lived together peacefully.

We do not need any such unwarranted provocation. If the Local government desires to have Private cemeteries, they should seek virgin land for such a purpose and stop these barbaric acts of impunity capable of disrupting public order and governance in the State. As the Chief Security Officer of the State, and a responsible one as that, we hereby request your Excellency to use your good offices to stem this matter in the bud and prevent same from degenerating into a crisis. 

We count on your good judgment and prompt intervention. 

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Abdul Ganiy Olusola Labinjo
IMAN,Lagos State Branch



We, members of The Criterion, an organization of Muslim Women in Business and the Professions, have observed with grief in our heart and complete disbelief, the pronouncements and dastardly actions of insurgents widely referred to as ‘Boko Haram’ over the months. In particular, we abhor and protest the wanton disregard to life and rule of law. We ask the Government and good people of Nigeria to completely dissociate the actions of the group from Islam.

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The continued Islamophobia in Lagos State, Nigeria has moved to the National Orthopeadic Hospital (NOH), Igbobi and the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idiaraba. Two female nursing staff members of NOHI and another one in LUTH are being prevented from carrying out their official duties. They were accused of not dressing properly as a result of their wearing of shoulder length hijab.

In the case of LUTH, the female nursing staff was intimidated and “arrested” by the Police briefly on the 12th of April 2014.

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